Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Silver Hammer

So I have been given the words to live by for my next ~5weeks- No more weight gain!

I have hit the 41lb weight gained mark and my midwife thinks that is good enough. Also, I still have my sugar sensitivity (no gestational diabetes- but every time I eat/drink sugar at breakfast (OJ, pancakes, etc.) it shows up in my urine) so she wants me to cut back on simple sugars, eat more protein and complex carbs, and try to walk every night after dinner.

She also "yelled" at me for another silly thing I did this weekend- I was at Whole Foods checking out where I saw a lovely candy selection by the conveyor belt- and hey, it is candy season and I love candy-- so why not?! So I picked out some gummy stars and went on my way.

Driving home, chewing away on my delicious gummy stars-- what do you think happened next!? Well a gummy star pulled my crown right out! Luckily I did not swallow or crack it (those are some expensive metals!) and was able to save it. When I looked at what was left of the tooth in my mouth I lost most of my optimism... I immediately knew I was in for a root canal.

I told my midwife this morning I was not in fact going to work after our appointment but to a new dentist that specializes in sedation dentistry (thanks Kate!!) because I pulled my crown out on a piece of candy-- she promptly instructed me to not eat any more candy- ever!! I guess that goes along with the weight gain...

So no more weight gain and no more candy. I think I can handle that for 5 weeks (or less!!)... I hope! But the hard thing will be how to manage my hunger. I am CONSTANTLY hungry. Probably because I have let my fiber intake drop as well as my protein intake. But I have two years of practice in managing hunger-- and thankfully I kept a ton of recipes, hand outs and blog entries to keep me going again! So here we go, let's see how I can do keeping my weight gained for the last few weeks minimal.

Oh! I was right about the root canal, but they won't perform it until after the baby is here. So now I something else to look forward to!