Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tofu Pad Thai

I am really happy with this recipe. If you ever cook tofu again do it this way!!

So easy and SO good!
Here is what I did:

Drain Tofu
Purchase firm or extra firm tofu
Drain from the storage water and place on a plate on top of 2 paper towels
Top tofu with another 2 paper towels and a second plate
Place a weight on top of the tofu "sandwich"
Leave here for 30min - 1hr

Slice Tofu
I cut mine into 4 steaks

Salt Tofu
Simple, add salt to the surfaces- we used Kosher salt but any salt works

Heat Pan
This is *very important*
TE gets very upset when I do not wait until the pan is fully heated to start cooking

Add Oil
You really only need a little bit

Add Tofu
And cook it! Simple!

I ate mine with quinoa pasta (yum!) and a store-bought pad thai sauce (eh)
We also added scallions and grape tomatoes for some color, enjoy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sugar Addict

At my last prenatal visit my healthcare provider found excess sugar in my urine. A symptom of gestational diabetes. They were not too concerned since I was (at the time) only 23 weeks and I had orange juice for breakfast (even though I have 4oz of OJ with breakfast every day- and before other appointments- for a folic acid jolt!). I have since learned that they like to catch GD before 28 weeks to be able to get the blood sugars under control and make sure the baby grows at a normal rate and does not get too big for delivery.

She is supposed to be around 1.5lbs now (25 weeks) so I would guess a bit more weight now (the baby gets bigger/fatter since she is getting all my undigested glucose) would not impact the birth weight too much-- but I want to do what I can to keep my glucose handling under control as much as I can before I get my official diagnosis (27 weeks). Toward that end, in the mornings I have eliminated all juice and refined carbohydrates. I am trying to eat eggs/egg whites and a slice of high fiber toast, high fiber toast and peanut butter, or another old protein rich favorite breakfast. Apparently the hormone levels are highest in the morning and make for the worst glucose digestion so I have been "saving" my glucose rich foods for later in the day.

Since I have started this diet adjustment I have realized how terribly addicted to sugar I am! I have always known that I prefer sweet to savory- but I did not realize how much sugar I am eating these days! So much for my mindful eating CALERIE days...

Whenever I talk about starting a new low-sugar-diet my friends and family are always quick to remind me how I cut back my calories for 2 years for this study (and loved it!) and 3 months of healthy eating won't hurt too bad. I know that if I had to do it full-time (once I find out if I have GD for sure) I will embrace it not just for my health but for the health of baby E. A fat baby may be cute, but I could never willingly put her at risk for glucose intolerance and a scary sugar crash after birth.

Stay tuned for a yummy tofu recipe- yes the veggies are back! I am happily eating everything again :)