Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adding exercise

So 1.5 weeks down and I have not lost any weight. This could be due to a few factors:

1) I did not track my calories over the weekend
2) I did not exercise and my 1600-1700 calorie limit is not low enough to be a calorie deficit without exercise
3) I made up for any lost calories during my weekend. I did not overeat too much, but I definitely drank a bit and ate desserts.

So I have added back in some workouts. I ran Saturday morning, and did yoga Sunday morning. I am going to try to run again tonight- even if it is a short run. Two days on, one day rest.

I am also shopping around for a new gym. Two new gyms are opening pretty close to where I live and I am excited about the promise of ASHTANGA yoga at one of them! I really miss it and all the local studios have switched to entirely Mysore style, which is not going to work for me.... I also like the option to have a place to do spin classes, try out a Zumba workout, and other group exercise.