Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still Here

Yes, yes. I am still here!

I have a big meeting tomorrow to discuss my future as a graduate student (graduation dates?). Thus, my nerves have kept me from wanting to think about food. I am working a ton and thankfully TE, our families, and our friends have been amazing and supportive throughout my dramatic roller-coaster of moods. Which I am sure will not end tomorrow...

The Woods family made us an amazing meal on Sunday night and forced me to stop freaking out for a few hours (not a small feat!). I have never had BBQ chicken that was so good. Really. I would eat it everyday. :) Maybe we can coax a guest recipe out of them!!

I have big plans to relax this weekend. "Relaxing" will involve scouring our apartment (we will be hosting my little brother and his girlfriend and pup next weekend- I think the King is going to be more excited than I am- he LOVES his cousin pup!), drinking tequila and tonics out in T&S's back yard (T made homemade tonic!! AND calculated the calories in a drink for me!! He is so sweet!!), some yoga and some running. Annd... very minimal work. Maybe only 5hrs or so!

So with that, I promise to return with stories of food and nutrition and hopefully some good news on the graduation front...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Why CR?

In my attempts to re-motivate (counting is not going as well as I would like...) I am going to dedicate the next few posts to why I want to maintain this seemingly (to me) labor intensive diet.

1) Weight loss/maintenance.
Really what more is needed to say? I lost 20lbs throughout the study and I would like to keep it off, and keep my body in a negative energy state. Good things happen when you are in a negative energy balance. Like what, you ask?!

2) Improved health functions.
If we can correlate the animals studies to the preliminary human studies*: if one were to maintain a CR diet for life (all benefits lost once you stop dieting- not that you would get unhealthy immediately, but the "protection" is lost) you would
  • Not get sick as often-- when I did get sick it was never that bad
  • Be more protected from getting diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, immune diseases, and cancer
  • Have improved muscle and bone structure
I am more interested the benefits of this diet improving the aging process than extending my life in terms of years. I would like to live healthy for as long as possible.

*None of this has been proven in humans, but the evidence is clear in animal studies.

3) Awareness.
It is a good thing when you know how much food you actually need on a daily basis. And anther good thing when you can look back at the end of the day and know you ate what you needed. It may seem strange, but awareness and control can be a good thing. Self control is one of the hardest things I am still learning...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bad First Day

So I went over my calories yesterday. Way over.

What went wrong? Where to begin!?

Poor food planning (lunch/snacks), evening delays (the King Pup), and reduced kitchen access (all of our porch furniture is in our kitchen while they paint/stain the decks) all led a "starving Liz" to order Chinese food last night (oh, the drama!).

Which in theory is fine, since I have my favorite healthy order now: hot and sour soup with steamed mixed veggies (you get 3 meals out of that order and it is pretty low calorie. High salt, low calorie) with a side of scallion pancake (you have to have some fried yumminess!). But then I also ate some lo mien and a few pieces of General Tso's chicken (very small amounts but still calories add up quick in fried foods!). AND then(!!) ice cream!! I was insatiable yesterday.

I will blame the half marathon. Yep, that's it :) the blame game which got me into trouble before CALERIE. I know better now.

Usually when I get back "on the wagon" after a blow-out day-- I like to have a few very high fiber days (45g). I feel fuller. I am less likely to have starving fits that go out of control like that. But that requires planning, which I did not do yesterday. Today will hopefully be better. I have my leftover soup, bran buds for my yogurt, fresh berries, and some fiber one bars on hand. Many better choices to keep me satisfied throughout the day.

Here's to a better day today!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am baaack!



I had a nice two month break from thinking about calories. I ran a half marathon. I did a lot of yoga. And I gained about 2lbs...

Not terrible. But if I keep gaining 1lb/month I will be back where I was in less than two years! Not something I want. I want to keep up with the CR. I like how I feel when I am restricted. It is cheaper to eat less (usually!). If I eat what I know/standards there will be no room for questioning and I won't have to think too much about food while I am over stressed writing my thesis. Packaged foods. The same favorites. This will keep me going for the next 3-4mo until I graduate!!

So I will get back to blogging and keeping track of my calories. Either on CRON-o-Meter or on the Calorie King website. I have not decided yet. I think I am going to try out the CK website, since I can do it on any computer. Or maybe Google...

Today is Day One!!
I am going to attempt a comical Bridget Jones diary format. We will see if I can pull it off :) It may get back to the boring same old.... I am thinking about not retelling everything I eat here (for the sake of my readers) but to highlight things that went well or not so well.

Let's start this journey again!
Thanks for sticking with me--- if there is anyone left out there reading :)