Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bad First Day

So I went over my calories yesterday. Way over.

What went wrong? Where to begin!?

Poor food planning (lunch/snacks), evening delays (the King Pup), and reduced kitchen access (all of our porch furniture is in our kitchen while they paint/stain the decks) all led a "starving Liz" to order Chinese food last night (oh, the drama!).

Which in theory is fine, since I have my favorite healthy order now: hot and sour soup with steamed mixed veggies (you get 3 meals out of that order and it is pretty low calorie. High salt, low calorie) with a side of scallion pancake (you have to have some fried yumminess!). But then I also ate some lo mien and a few pieces of General Tso's chicken (very small amounts but still calories add up quick in fried foods!). AND then(!!) ice cream!! I was insatiable yesterday.

I will blame the half marathon. Yep, that's it :) the blame game which got me into trouble before CALERIE. I know better now.

Usually when I get back "on the wagon" after a blow-out day-- I like to have a few very high fiber days (45g). I feel fuller. I am less likely to have starving fits that go out of control like that. But that requires planning, which I did not do yesterday. Today will hopefully be better. I have my leftover soup, bran buds for my yogurt, fresh berries, and some fiber one bars on hand. Many better choices to keep me satisfied throughout the day.

Here's to a better day today!

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Shannon said...

Yes, I too will blame the half marathon!!! :-) you should call or text me when you're feeling weak, and I'll try to respond with support!