Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still Here

Yes, yes. I am still here!

I have a big meeting tomorrow to discuss my future as a graduate student (graduation dates?). Thus, my nerves have kept me from wanting to think about food. I am working a ton and thankfully TE, our families, and our friends have been amazing and supportive throughout my dramatic roller-coaster of moods. Which I am sure will not end tomorrow...

The Woods family made us an amazing meal on Sunday night and forced me to stop freaking out for a few hours (not a small feat!). I have never had BBQ chicken that was so good. Really. I would eat it everyday. :) Maybe we can coax a guest recipe out of them!!

I have big plans to relax this weekend. "Relaxing" will involve scouring our apartment (we will be hosting my little brother and his girlfriend and pup next weekend- I think the King is going to be more excited than I am- he LOVES his cousin pup!), drinking tequila and tonics out in T&S's back yard (T made homemade tonic!! AND calculated the calories in a drink for me!! He is so sweet!!), some yoga and some running. Annd... very minimal work. Maybe only 5hrs or so!

So with that, I promise to return with stories of food and nutrition and hopefully some good news on the graduation front...

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