Thursday, June 24, 2010

CR Can Change Your Life!

Boy, I have been busy, and not posting! Honestly, I can not think about food in this stage of the game. I am working a ton and stressing even more- so that really cuts down on my food enjoyment. I have been maintaining my weight, which is all I want right now. I will pick up the counting and measuring again when I can think and plan. But for now, just eating...

Things are not bad though. I am writing (my committee said I can be done "when I am done" which means I am really pushing for August- keep your fingers crossed!) finishing up experiments, and.... applying for jobs!!!

Yesterday I sent out 2 applications (which now makes my application grand total = 3, 2 postdoc, 1 actual job) and have since heard "something" from both. The first response appeared to be an accident- I think they meant to forward my application to someone, instead they hit "reply-all" but it was short and positive so I think I will be hearing back from that soon.

The second application was for a postdoc in a lab studying diabetes, and how maternal nutrition affects diabetes risk (so cool!!). The lab PI has already called me and wants me to meet the lab members ASAP. She said she got in touch with me so quickly because she was very interested in my letter where I talked about how I became interested in nutrition and how it plays a role in disease prevention and treatment-- by participating in the CALERIE study!

That bit of information really helps me stand out as an interesting candidate, I think. Not many people can say that they ate 25% less food for 2 years to benefit science! And people love to hear about this study!!

I really did not know how participating in this study would really change my life when I signed up to do this. It not only changed how I eat and how I feel, but changed my whole professional goals! I feel like it has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself (grad school is very far down on that list right now- haha!). And I am so thankful that this research is ongoing and I can continue to be a part of it. Happiness :)


meg said...

yay liz!! congrats on the job prospects! glad you're able to find some happiness while in the writing stage! you'll get it done!!

April said...

That's awesome!!! Congratulations!