Monday, August 9, 2010


Well, I am on my way.

I have a job!!!

It has nothing to do with aging or calorie restriction.

I am very excited about it, despite those details.

I am doing something related to what I did before grad school and in undergrad. It is funny how much of that I still remember. I start the job November 1!

It took me a bit to get excited. But I am fully on board now. I have 6 weeks to turn in my thesis to my committee. That fact is making me crazy. I feel like a chicken without a head. Running around aimlessly, too many things needing attention, nothing actually getting adequate time or focus. I am repeating myself, forgetting who I have talked to about what, forgetting meetings and plans... etc.

So to all my family and friends out there who have suffered because of my chaos, I promise to be better-- in November :)

So for now, I will be cutting myself off. Or trying to. So far I have been unsuccessful at being productive (I needed to celebrate, right?!). But my experiments are ending. Whatever is done is done. Whatever is not, will not get done. And now the writing really begins. First the paper. That is getting sent out the week of labor day. That will also be a (the) major chapter of my thesis. Then I will focus on the rest of the thesis. The more I do, the more I feel like I have to do. I never feel like I get any closer to the end. But the end is coming whether I like it or not....

But how are my eating habits you wonder??

Terrible! I have to get myself back into some old CR habits. I have been drinking too much, sleeping too little, and stressing out way more than is helpful (which in turn causes me to eat too much junky food). I need to get back to my standard meals.

Breakfast: I need help with this one. I can not do cereal (I really overdid it...), PB on toast is getting old although I can eat it occasionally, I have not wanted yogurt and granola, and it is too hot for oatmeal. Maybe eggs will have to do. Egg white omelets. Ideas?

Lunch: I am getting back into the Amy's burrito phase again. Thankfully I recovered quickly from overdoing that one. Also sandwiches are good too. Change up the mustard and it all tastes different :)

Dinner: It has been wayyy too hot to cook and I bought stuff for salads the other week and never used them. I need to get over that and eat salad again. My vegetable intake has gone into free fall mode. Luckily I have a lot of friends who have been cooking for me lately and they cook vegetables for me and TE. I think a rule of one salad/day needs to be implemented.

Well- that is it for now. I am sorry for the absence recently. I will try to keep you all posted on my progress and keep thinking of meal ideas for me, I need all the help I can get right now!!


Melanie said...

I am so happy for you!!! Just take one day at a time and it will all turn out:) (easier said than done, right?)
I'll try to bring over some veggies next week, k?

Shannon said...

Hi Liz! Congratulations on securing a job...and good luck in the upcoming weeks with the thesis! I'm rooting for you!

As far as CR: I am in the home stretch! Can't believe it! I go in for DLW dosing on Thursday, and have my final overnight(s) August 25-26. I have a breakfast suggestion that I've been alternating through: I slice and broil a couple big tomatoes with buffalo mozzerella (don't need too much!) and some parmesan...and then put fresh herbs on it (thyme, basil). I put that on top of a toasted Morningstar veggie (pizza-flavor!) burger, sometimes add some avocado, and then a poached egg, with a little Cholula sauce on it. It keeps me pretty full!

Oh, and I hope this doesn't offend you (or your readers, if you do post this...although I won't care if you decide to remove it from public view!), but, when I'm feeling blah and uninspired and want some food suggestions, I go to this site:

they also have a vegetarian option!

Hope you're well! I'd love to celebrate with you when you've turned your thesis in!

Big hug,

meg said...

congrats on the job!! ohh i am curious to hear more about it! cytogenetics stuff?
good luck with the thesis & CR-you can do it!!!!