Thursday, August 12, 2010

Packing Light

I am on a bus. On my way to my hometown for the weekend. It is going to be a 6hr (at least!) bus ride. I tried to organize things so I could be very productive while riding... but alas, here I am, blogging :)

At least you get to benefit!

So I was waiting in line to get onto this bus, and I thought of a perfect topic to blog about!

This European couple came into the line behind me with nothing but a halfway filled back-pack and the girl's purse. I was curious (maybe they had shipped their luggage?) because this is not an overnight trip. Well I guess it could be, if you really loved spending your day on a bus... but really much more like a two day trip at the minimum. So it got me thinking... TE sent me a link to a great NYT article that I have made it halfway through, and this couple they interview in the beginning, lives with only 100 items (what??!!) TOTAL. I was thinking this couple could be like that. Or maybe it was because they are European... So I checked out all the other passengers in line with me and like me most had an overnight bag of ranging sizes and a personal items bag. Americans :)


I tried to think of what I "really" needed this weekend (since I was in line with my suitcase, backpack and purse, all of which contents I will outline shortly).

I am going home for my best friend's bachelorette party weekend and we have a variety of things planned. But really all I need could probably fit into one bag. Probably.

So here it goes. Food items first :)

I am also going to calculate the calories since this is a diet blog (ha!). For reference this European couple came aboard with one diet Snapple (16oz?) and a single-bag box of chips ahoy. For.both.of.them.

Now let's compare.

Liz's Food For the 6hr trip
(Yes I am traveling alone, TE and the King Pup are hanging out at home this weekend!)

1) Sub.way footlong sub (ham and provolone, spinach, tomatoes, pickles, and jalapenos with mustard) and I know, I totally won't need a footlong, but who knows this trip may take 10hrs, better to be safe, and it was only $5... (see-- already excess) (670c - ish) (335c)
2) 3c watermelon (150c)
3) 1c Cheddar goldfish (~300c)
4) 1/2c Gluten free herb crackers (Amy's gone crackers?) (75c)
5) 1 Nature Valley peanut butter granola bar (170c)
6) 1 pack of raw fruits and nuts (TJs) (200c)
7) 1 bag of peanut M&Ms (250c)

and then...

for an emergency situation....
8) one of those gross (but so good) Little Debbie brownies (530c!!!)

I should be embarrassed by this...

I am a bit...

Grand total calories: 1815 without the brownie, 2345 with.
Oh my! How far I have fallen!
I, most likely, will not even eat half of it (packing waay more than I need) but still- why do I think I need 2300+ calories for 6 hours!?

I "bolded" the items i thought I would eat/have already eaten (watermelon and crackers) and that total is 810 calories. Better, but still- not great. I did only have breakfast and lunch so that fits into the 4- 400 calorie meal plan...
As long as I don't eat the brownie! :)

Which brings us to actual packing. I think I did pretty well considering my typical habits.

I fit all of my going out clothes (actually enough going out clothes for 3 girls...), beach clothes and towel, hanging out/causal clothes, PJs, 4 pairs of shoes (!!), and all my toiletries/makeup/hair stuff (I think that took up half the space) all into 1 normal sized suitcase!

Then I have my work and laptop in my backpack.

And my food and purse stuff in my purse.

So not minimalist- at all. Well, I never claimed to pack light!

Something to think about, I guess. Something other than my thesis... not what I should be doing. Alright-- back to work :)


rachel said...

for the first time in my entire adolescent/adult life, I am sharing a suitcase for this long weekend - with my messy husband and my newborn baby. It is the most painful packing experience for needs things like blankets and towels (we skipped the diapers and bought some when we got here...too hard to travel with cloth) and I had to exercise extreme discipline.

I am trying to learn how to pack light, but I packed so darn light that we now have to do laundry tonight (due to spit up and other various baby-related fluids). How do people do it?!?

rachel said...

also, PS - I will say, that is a lot of food for a bus trip :) I think I would bring some crackers and a soda because I have no ability to plan ahead. As it is, I am super proud of my protein bars in the diaper bag!

have a great weekend!!!