Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nearing 30

Well - I am turning 30 in the next few days. I do not feel strongly about it- which I guess is good... If this whole CR diet actually is slowing my aging process- I may not really be turning "biologically" 30 this week.

Things have been difficult with my CR diet recently. To be fair, I have met my goal of not gaining any weight throughout the wedding/vacation season-- and that is great! I have discovered that it really stresses me out to not have time to plan out my meals and not being able to control the things in my meals at restaurants. Since school started up again, I have been going "240" (a family term for crazy) with work, writing cover letters (I am applying for jobs/postdocs!!), fixing my CV, and trying to learn anatomy (the class I am teaching this semester). Not to mention my actual lab work that needs attention. So quality food prep and planning has been neglected at best.

It did not help that I also lost my PDA (where I record all my food). But luckily it was time for me to get a new phone-- so I got a new Palm Centro! It is so fun and cute! It will be my diet recorder, my phone, and also mp3 player since it takes 4G memory cards! And do not worry people out there who know me- I got the insurance!

So now that I have my new phone/PDA, classes are underway, and I am settling down from the initial shock of everything-- I can slowly start working back into my good study participant/dieter status.
I am now going to try to meet the following goals:

1) Eat out less
2) Make 1 new recipe/week

I have to start slow. The first goal is really what will help me get back to my good habits. It is really difficult to know what you are eating at restaurants, unless all you eat is salad and raw things... which I don't- at least not every time. Anyway- getting back on track. Weight loss/slow aging will be mine again!

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