Monday, December 8, 2008

Soul Food

My poor husband had his wisdom teeth extracted (all 4) on Friday. It was a terrible experience for him and I will not go into it here, needless to say he was on a liquid diet for the weekend. This left me feeling especially guilty eating around him- so I stuck to mostly cereal and whatever soups he ate. I bought some specialty soups from a local soup factory- the kind we would never buy under normal circumstances: potato and bacon, and New England clam and corn chowder- so bad for you, but when that is all you can eat you have to pack in the calories! Yesterday he was feeling a little better so I made mashed potatoes (2.5lbs Yukon Gold potatoes, 2T butter, 2oz cream cheese, and half a head of oven roasted garlic- mashed together: easy!) and Chili. This chili gets capitalized it is that good. I normally get sick of chili before we can finish the pot, with this chili that does not happen. I needed to really figure out exactly how many calories were in this recipe because I have been feeling guilty about estimating it as being equivalent as the beef chili in my PDA. So I plugged it into CRON-o-Meter and here is the chili you will thank me for (and it is better than the chili in my PDA!):

Sausage, Beef and Bean Chili- 12 servings

1lb of 95% Lean ground beef
1lb Hot Italian sausage (ground preferably out of casing)
1 Diced Onion
Chopped Adobo chilies or jalapenos (2) Optional
2 cups (1 can) pink beans
2 cans (15oz?) diced tomatoes
**dirty secret** 2-alarm Chili spice pack (purchased at supermarket)
6oz of beer
1c water

Brown meats, peppers and onions together
Once cooked add all the remaining ingredients and stew for 30min to 1hr
(I don't usually add the masa flour contained in the spice kit- I save it for my vegetarian chili!)

Calories: 200
Protein: 17g
Carbohydrates: 12g
Fat: 9g
Fiber: 2g
Vitamins/Minerals: 15%/20%

I totally want to know if any of you make this recipe- just to know if you love it as much as I do- so please- do tell!!


T-Dog said...

No water was used in the recipe only beer!!! About 10 oz. Adobo chilis need to be added next time!!!!!!

T-Dog said...

I browned the veggies and meat seperately. Veggies take longer than the meat. I browned the sausage in the oven.

Rachel said...

Wait, is T-Dog TE? Do you put water in the chili or not?

We will try this this week or next, sans sausage and sans onions. (We are freaks.) It sounds good! Chili is a good way to get lots of iron...

Hope TE is feeling better.

Liz said...

Yes TE is T-Dog :)
We have made this chili 3x- TE 2x and I made it 1x. This last time it was TE (since you and I were deep into bio discussions :))
I put water in it, he doesn't- it does not really matter much- I guess it depends on how thick you like your chili and how long you are going to cook it.
The sausage browning was also a new test. I don't think it matters much, although you loose some of the fat by transferring the sausage from browning pan to chili pot... Mmm iron!!

Rachel said...

Hi again - I was just checking back and thinking, GEE, Liz should write something to help me procrastinate. Which is really not good.

The chili sounds good, and we have some beer that we really need to lose (I bought it at TJs and it is NOT GOOD!). Tonight is veggie delivery night. We'll see what we get and that will probably dictate our meals for the next 4 days.

K, this is a novela on your blog. Ciao.