Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Passover Seder

OK OK no more Passover after this. I promise.

It's just that I cooked for what seemed to be forever- so I needed to finalize it all :)

These are photos from Mel's house- we did the Seder there- it was quick and fabulous considering Mel was sick and I was overtired.

We almost had our own Elijah: TE's cab driver! TE left his cell phone in the cab on his way back from the airport and "Elijah cabbie" kindly returned it within an hour of him leaving it!

How's that for Passover spirit?!?

Our crafty Seder plate! Note our shankbone :) The King enjoyed it later!

Dairy free appetizers-- Mel made an amazing eggplant, roasted red pepper dip (on the right)

Matzoh ball soup and the infamous gefilte fish course

Main dinner of brussel sprouts and brisket! Yum!

The King's BFF "Devil," as we will call him here, found the Afikomen (of course!)

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