Monday, June 1, 2009

Nothing To Say

The diet has not been easy the last few months. I still have had no motivation for recording. I have planned out meals better/eating better and I have started estimated general calorie amounts a little more- but even my modified recording techniques seem like too much for me right now... I keep telling myself- this is life, if I want to keep my weight off, stay healthy, and succeed in lifelong dietary restriction- this is what I need to figure out.

I sound so whiny at our meetings. I have no reason as to why I can't/don't want to/am not doing things well- I know what I need to do- why is it so hard to do?? I feel like I need to go back onto packaged foods to "shock" myself back into the mindset again- but then I think about it and I know what to do, I know how to do it- I should just do it. Ugh.

Last week was a model week. TE and I planned out our whole week worth of food, and we totally stuck to it. I felt really good about it- but this week: TE is traveling, I am crazed: eating canned soup/frozen burritos/anything that does not require thought/more money-- doing the whole week-long planned food was great but it gets expensive... We bought enough stuff for 2 weeks but only 1 week's worth of fresh stuff (meat and veggies)- so week 2 after a big food shopping is always less satisfying...

I will return in a week hopefully with a new can-do attitude! Let's hope!! :)


meg said...

hang in there kid!! you're almost done!! sending big **HUGS** your way! megs
p.s.-did you see the new moon trailer yet? that should cheer you up-it looks good!!! so excited!!

Jenn said...

I think it's ok to have some rough times...that's probably what "CR for life" is all about. Learning and devloping new ways to overcome the hard work and effort that CR involves. You can do it, and we all know you will do it! But obviously your PhD does/and should get to be the priority once in a while. I don't think you should feel guilty if you have to eat some packaged foods to get you through this busy time.

Keep up all the good work!