Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Counting the ways

I love Fiber One granola bars, that is :)

You would think after a year and a half of almost daily chocolate fiber one granola bar ingestion, I would get sick of these buggers. Sure there have been times when I have eaten less of them, or changed up flavors (apple cinnamon being a distant 2nd favorite), but no other food has had such a constant presence in my diet.

I have two favorite breakfasts (Special K red berries, fiber one, and almonds and kashi waffles with peanut butter and apple butter) if you want to argue about their presence being competitive. But being that there are two breakfasts already reduces their competitive edge.

I have tried other granola bars. My last trip to BJs, I purchased Kashi Chewy bars. I have had them before (the nut and fruit ones?) and they are fine. A bit dry and not sweet enough. I am probably going to go through another BJs size box of fiber one bars before I finish these.

I realize that my favorite fiber one bars have not only high fructose corn syrup, but also have high maltose corn syrup. This may be the reason behind my intense love of them-- they are super sweet.

Anyway- that is all for today. I am gearing up for some new vegetarian recipe entries for my parents who are beginning a "somewhat" vegetarian diet. I am going to their house this weekend with plans to show them at least 3 different ways to cook tofu! Stay tuned :)


Rachel said...

wait, TWO triathlons?!? I didn't know there were two! And yes, I am on the wrong post. Sorry!

I've never had a Fiber1 bar. I've had the Kashi bars and I think they are very gross...we bought a ton of them at costco for a trip overseas (to a very developing area) and, um, I didn't eat them unless I was practically dying of starvation. Maybe I will have to try the Fiber 1 bars!

(and yes, a really long comment about granola bars...)

BraveMom said...

So where are those vegetarian recipes for tofu that you promised?