Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I love my newest favorite blog:

To say I am smitten is an understatement. What hooked me was the birthday cake recipe.
Seriously- how much more could you want!? Beautiful pictures (really, really beautiful), and amazing food. Sign me up!

I am going to make the birthday cake.

And I will take pictures of it.

And it will not even compare to Deb's photo quality. But I am going to try out some manual settings on my Canon SD750 to see how I can improve my food photography skills.

So stay tuned for some new recipes- I made a fabulous cashew chicken curry dish last night. And my labmate Christine made me another batch of granola bars for feeding her cells. I love them so much, that I think I am going to seek out things I can do for her so that I can keep getting them! Haha! Thank you Christine!!


PugSuperStar said...

Hey LE! JB's birthday is coming up in a month, there is a great occasion to make the cake!

Liz said...

Perfect! I will totally make it for her!

Christine said...

Haha, thank you for the shout out! I will gladly make you granola bars any time (you don't even have to feed my cells). lol. Good luck on your triathalon this weekend!