Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Ideas

I am starting to freak out that I only have 6 months of this study left.

I know- look back- who would have ever thought I would not want this study to be finished?!

CALERIE has become such a huge part of my life: the monitoring, the study researchers/dietitians, the FOOD, everything... what will happen when it is just me?

I am at a point now that I feel great-- I have learned so much about myself and about basic nutrition (even though I thought I was already very well versed in both before the study started)-- but this anxiety about not being able to maintain is threatening my last precious months.

So I decided to spend the next 6mo writing about diet tips that I have learned along the way that should help me maintain after February, 2010. Confidence builders. Yep.

And if I need help and support from the CALERIE staff, I still have it-- not that I think they will be changing their email addresses and phone numbers once I finish :)! So stay tuned for the upcoming new and improved adventures!

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