Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soul Food

I was going through my computer and realized I have some meals that I have not blogged about yet- so here we go!

My ultimate easy-happy meal is pasta with meat sauce. I like beef but really after 7 years of being a vegetarian-- I would be happy eating no beef other than ground beef. I know it is the worst- but I do not care if it is 95%lean- I love it as much as 80%.... maybe...

My favorite part of this meal is the sauce. The noodles are really just a vehicle for sauce.
The diet has taught me that 2oz of pasta is a very small amount-- to get around this, I just add whatever greens I have on hand to bulk up my meal. In this dinner I used petite Brussels sprouts. But anything would work- asparagus, broccoli, green beans.... anything.

Here is the recipe:

Pasta, Veggies and Meat Sauce

1lb 95% lean ground beef
Victoria brand marinara sauce (my personal favorite, feel free to use any variety)
1 15oz can of diced tomatoes
Hot pepper flakes to taste

2oz Pasta (Barilla Plus or Ronzoni Smart Taste are my favorites) per serving
1c green veggie per serving

Brown meat in large pan, drain fat
Add sauce, diced tomatoes and salt and pepper to taste
Cook until hot

Cook pasta according to directions, at the last 3-5min of cooking pasta- add the green veggie

Serve with 1c of sauce and 1oz of shredded Parmesan cheese!


rachel said...

I'm with you on the ground beef - anything else is just way too close to the original state of the animal. :)

You should try grinding your own beef...well, if you can stomach it. (D does ours.) It makes phenomenal beef and you can control the fat content to whatever you want...like 92%. Or whatever. Let us know if you want to borrow our grinder!

Liz said...

We actually have a grinder, inherited from my grandfather!! But if we need some pointers I know where to go :) Thanks!