Monday, September 14, 2009


This is the first installment of the diet tips series, in an effort to prepare me for my future without counselors and dietitians on call...

Handling Weekend Eating

1) Plan ahead.

Too busy to eat at home? Pre-pick out healthy choices out that won't break the calorie bank.

I have "regular" food items I order at typical fast food restaurants (which I know the calorie amounts- check out Calorie King). I also carry around bars with me so that I never get too hungry and make rash decisions.

That being said- sometimes you don't want fast food. Or you happen to pass by a new restaurant you've heard about and have been wanting to try. There is no easy answer for that situation.

Initially when I started the study I would mostly order salads out. That got old, fast. Now I order what I want (within reason) and try to not eat the entire entree (takes practice and is not easy-- I am not always perfect at it). I also offer to share my food.

2) Plan pleasures other than food and drink.

I know, not the easiest. It is fun to go out and have drinks with friends. It is fun to try new foods and eat out. Last year for my birthday, TE and I planned a camping/hiking trip with our friends. This year... I don't know. It is easier to just say- "let's meet at a bar" everyone can get what they want, come and go as they want... It takes a lot of effort to coordinate people.

That said, my tip would be for balance. If I know I am going out that night, I eat light (high fiber) meals during the day, and try to plan the number and type of drinks I will have. Also, I try to add in non-food centered activities for the day.

It does help though to try to change your thoughts about celebrations-- trying to do something active whenever possible is not only good for CR but it helps make you feel good about yourself!

3) Don't skip meals

This is an important lesson- getting too hungry is bad for portion control and for decision control. And getting too hungry is bad for keeping friends :)

Breakfast. Bars. Snacks. B.B.S.

So here are some of my favorite CALERIE tips for weekends, going out, etc.
-Do not arrive at dinner parties hungry
-Offer to bring a CR friendly dish
-Stay away from chips and dip (and for me: the cheese plates!)
-Do an alternate activity other than eating (taking pictures, doing dishes, set up, clean up)* This is my favorite, most used tip
-Drink light beer (I also alternate alcohol with seltzer/diet soda)
-Choose one "treat" and take a moderate amount (cake!?)

And these are the tips I am currently working on:
- Eat slowly, drink slowly, be mindful of what you are eating
- Fill up on low calorie items first
Reasonable?! I think so...
Just don't do as I am doing here: A pre-CR birthday celebrating Liz ("I will have one of those, one of those and one of those!!!" Haha!) So young, so naive!

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