Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Long time, no post

Wow, I actually had a whole month with no posts. And September was not too stellar either.

So what has been going on with me?! Who even knows...

Stress. I blame the stress.

I have not wanted to think about anything. I have not been cooking (baking- yes! cooking- no!) or planning or anything that this blog is dedicated to...

But slowly I am getting back into it. I had a day last week where I made 6-servings of pasta and meat sauce for lunches/dinners and egg white crustless quiches for breakfasts. Then I had a week where I made 2 smitten kitchen cakes. Spurts. I work in spurts. But it is coming back to me. Healthy, balanced eating. Not just eating for calories.

And soon I will be back with insightful blog posts that will help me get through this, through future rough patches, and through my future post-CALERIE. Oy. Only 3 months left. Where did it go? Wasn't it August not too long ago?

Thanks for sticking with me!


meg said...

welcome back! i missed you!

rachel said...

Hey - how are you doing? Let's hang out sometime soon!...hope things aren't too stressful!

Jenn said...

I'm majorly stressed too...we can hang out and escape stress together! Well with 0 calorie margarita mix and 86 calorie Milagro silver tequila that is!