Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday brunch, Sunday dinner

Mark Bittman move aside, there is a new star/obsession: Deb over at smitten kitchen. Yes, I know that I (and so many others) have been singing her praises for a long time now- but mostly that was for baked items. Today, I am singing about eggs.

In tomato sauce.
Served over fresh toast.
And a side of kale.
And bacon.

Can you think of a better brunch? Me neither.
*TE wants me to give credit here to our dear friend Dave, who made a similar huevos rancheros breakfast for us this summer and inspired our brunch theme this weekend
**Also, this is not a "Liz-size" serving. A "Liz-size" serving would be: one piece of toast, one egg with sauce, 2 slices of bacon and a 1/2c of sauteed kale.

Oh, and I am also singing about sweet potato gratin.

I will admit, I was not sure about gratin. Is it a side dish? A main dish? A brunch dish? A dinner dish? I am no more clear about when to serve gratin, but if they are all as tasty as this one, I will continue to make them for any occasion (I ate it tonight as a side dish for dinner).

Now, you do spend a lot of time prepping the Swiss chard, but trust me- it is worth it! The contrast between the bite of the chard and the sweet potatoes is divine. And the Gruyere cheese. I had to stop myself from eating an entire ounce while I was grating it... so good.

I did use a few of my calorie saving tricks to lighten up the recipes (a bit):

For the poached eggs:
No cheese needed
For the gratin:
Cooked onions and chard in 1tsp butter and chicken broth as needed
Used whole milk instead of heavy cream (maybe next time I will try 1% or 2%)

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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Heidi said...

They both look delicious!!!