Friday, November 13, 2009

Snacking Tips

I am a snacker and I like to eat often.

I usually get stuck eating the same things all the time: Fiber One granola bars/Lara bars, fiberful fruit leathers, 100-calorie popcorn bags, yogurt and granola/cereal... You get the idea.

I also get bored with food, so my latest helpful diet tips will relate to snack ideas!
Complete with calorie information:

  1. Medium apple and 1T peanut butter- 170cal
  2. 10 baby carrots, 4T Sabra hummus- 140cal
  3. Red Pepper slices (1/2 of medium pepper), 4T baba ghanoush- 115cal
  4. Hard boiled egg- 80cal
  5. Kashi crackers and Laughing cow wedge cheese- 165cal
  6. 15 grapes, light string cheese- 105cal
  7. Stacy's pita chips (my favorite) with salsa/dip (150-200cal)

Want more ideas?
Hungry Girl lists their favorite snacks. I am a fan of some of these...

Do you have a favorite healthy snack?


Melanie said...

what about a plain apple liz, eh?

rachel said...

grapes and cheese. I have no idea how many grapes or how much cheese, but those two together? DELICIOUS.

meg said...

i like to have string cheese & a handful of roasted, unsalted almonds. all of yours sound good! i'm gonna try some of those!