Friday, October 1, 2010


Thesis Update: it has been completed and distributed to my committee (yeehaa!) and now I am in the final throws.

One week until D-day.

The email announcement (time, date, place...) went out today to the entire department. Now whenever I see anyone in the hall- they will comment and ask me how I am feeling. That, inevitably, will make me want to run the the bathroom and puke-- but I will restrain!

My final thoughts on thesis writing and eating= Not good. I won't step onto the scale, but I fear the worst. 4lbs?? More?? I hope not. I will save all scale weighing until Sunday October 10th. The official day of beginning CR "for real" again :)

I am looking forward to eating more regularly, planning my meals, and COOKING!! OMG how I miss cooking! And baking! I have a fun new idea brewing for the blog so stay tuned.

Yoga update: I had to stop doing yoga for two weeks because I was staying up too late to wake up at 6am to go to yoga (the yoga I have been doing is only offered in the morning). But I went back this morning- and it feels great to be back. I hope I can keep it up this winter. I am SO not a morning person and it is DARK at 6am... I got my first pair of lulu.lemon pants (!!) and hoodie for my birthday so I hope that is motivation to keep my butt in the yoga studio!

I think that is all I can update on. The thesis has consumed my life... Nothing new going on... That will all change soon enough though! Thanks for reading and sticking with me!

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