Sunday, October 24, 2010

150 and the Beginning ... Again

This is my 150th post!


Well, I think I finally reached my max point of over everything. Overeating, over-drinking, over-stressing... you get the idea. Today begins my return to healthful eating, minimal drinking, and being productive.

I have been/done none of those things since October 8th... But my thesis defense went amazingly, I was a bit of a nut case/stress ball (of course) around that time- but the days preceding and immediately after flew by- my family and friends were so supportive and amazing and I was floored by the final outpouring of love and patience. I know that I am truly blessed.

Since then I have been on a bit of a baking/cooking bender. I also have been avoiding any and all exercise (mostly with the excuse that I need more sleep and since I still have work to do, something had to give). And I have been drinking. A lot. All of that equals weight gain. I don't even know how much. I am scared to look. I will check tomorrow for the charting progress, but I know it is not going to be pretty.

I plan to start easy and this week I am going to eat more mindfully, plan out my meals/snacks etc for the next week because this upcoming weekend is my best friend's wedding. A celebration where a lot of food and alcohol will be consumed and I will not be counting. But I still remember the CALERIE life lessons and I know that the mindset of "I will just start next week" is not good and it never gets easier. This is a lifestyle of eating healthy and not beyond my needs (hopefully I can get back to the restricted state!) and the faster you get back to it, the better you feel about it. So here it goes.

I am excited for this new beginning and for the comfort of knowing that I know how to do this and I really mentally ready for it!


meg said...

good luck with this new journey! i'm sure you will do great! love the new blog look!

Shannon said...

Liz, I too have fallen off the CALERIE wagon, but am ready to get back on! It's the whole planning part that is difficult...but worth it! Let's inspire each other! Glad you have been making it through the end of your dissertation. Let's try and sign up for a run or something, when you have time.

Keith said...

Hey Liz (and Shannon), good luck getting back on the wagon! I know you can do it...the one frustration for me is that it is so EEEAAASY to put on those few extra pounds without even thinking about it, and it takes such mindfulness to get them back off. I've started to catch up on posting what I've learned in the study--as much to keep myself motivated as to share. :)

Congrats on your thesis! Great stuff!