Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Goals

Howdy there readers, I am back!

This time I plan to stick around.
I am finally feeling more settled: I have been working at my job now for 2 months (!!), I cleaned out my desk at my graduate school (maybe a little prematurely since we just got our reviewer requests for my paper), and am slowly making my way back into my yoga routine. And the holiday season is over- I can finally stop blaming my poor eating choices on the holidays!

I have big plans for the new year (doesn't everyone?!?) and the first of which is the lose the 8 (!!) pounds I gained since October (eeek!!). I am inspired by the holiday CALERIE party I attended, where I was reminded that I did eat well for 2 years and actually saw the benefits of my mindful eating habits. My favorite souvenir from the party was my DEXA scan/results. I went from 31% body fat to 23% after 2 years on CR!! And even though I was not losing weight (or much weight) after the first 6 months or so, I still continued to improve my fat/lean muscle distribution.

I am inspired to continue my yoga practice as well. In my lazy, movie watching stupor I watched Ashtanga, NY and I think I will keep it ready to watch whenever I feel like skipping a practice. We also have a new teacher for the month, while our regular teacher is away, and he gave me some good tips to work on a few moves I have been struggling with.

And finally, I am going to work on keeping active in scientific outreach. I want to continue to mentor students and be involved in the scientific community.

All the while blogging- in an effort to keep me honest and for the extra accountability. Let's hear it for new year's resolutions! :)