Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting Real

Last week I decided I would start weighing myself and being more conscious of my diet. So I picked one day day- Tuesday- every week to reenact my CALERIE weekly check-ins. I would do this by keeping a weight log and thinking about diet tips and how I can improve my choices for the upcoming week.

I started last week needing to lose 10 (!!TEN!!) pounds. Within the week I gained 1lb. Ick. I have now realized that I just gained back the last year of weight that I had lost in the study. Dietitian, LR, had talked to us about what weight we would hit before we would rein it back in- I had previously thought +5lbs. If only.

So this week I am getting back to my accountability and blogging about my food Every.Day.

I am (re)recognizing the need to count calories, plan, and measure if I want to lose weight (AND continue to age healthily/more slowly). Guessing/estimating is not working out- maybe it would if I were used to being strict and used to what 1600 calories feels like- but I am neither-- so back to strict.

Here is what I have eaten today so far:

Breakfast: 380 calories
English Muffin (100cal/5g fiber)
2T PB (200)
Fig jam (40)
Skim Milk (40)

Kashi Cereal Bar (130/3)

Lunch: 510 calories
Sandwich (380/5)
Triscuit crackers (130)

Leaving around 600 calories for tonight... I will need to think about this one :)

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Shannon said...

Hey Liz- I feel for you! I am also wanting to get back on track with everything- and I do realize the importance of tracking, too, it really does work. I'm going to try and ease back into it, though, and not immediately revert back to my CR prescription- I'll come within a 100 or 200 calories, and then try from there. Just seems more realistic, for myself...anyway, keep blogging! It's inspiring!!