Wednesday, July 11, 2012


4lbs lost. Total. Still.

I admit I am not trying as hard as I could.. and it has been rough lately-- fitting time in to work out and not snacking.

I need some new motivation.

One day last week I ran with the King Pup the 1.25mi to pick up the Little Miss and I am planning to do that again today. I started a "restore the core" class to fix my diastasis (separation of my ab muscles from the pregnancy) and build up my core strength so I can get as much as I can out of my yoga classes.

So these are all moves in the right direction, but the amount of food/lack of exercise is the issue.

Last night, TE and I were reading in a magazine about some new, hokey, gimmick diet. Basically they say they will sequence a few (80) genes to find out if you should be on a low-fat, low-carb, Mediterranean or balanced diet. It costs $400 and I think is a bunch of crap. :)

In the CR study we tried the low fat, Mediterranean and what was probably the balanced equivalent to see how satisfied we felt with each. I am a volume eater so I did better when I stuck with low fat, but usually kept it pretty balanced with a 50% Carb, 25% Fat/Protein ratio.

TE does not like to be controlled as to portion sizes, so he does better on an elimination diet (low carb) and he has been having good success with that. I am doing as well as I am simply because he has been making my food for the most part every day.

Breakfast is typically egg whites and kale with mozzarella cheese and sometimes sausage. Lunch is a salad with chicken, cottage cheese and hard boiled egg. Dinner is a meat and veg combo (unless we get take out- which we are trying to minimize). Not bad, but I need about 5 meals per day and have been filling in the gaps with nuts, fiber one brownies/granola bars, yogurt, and chocolate. And usually we have dessert at night. So my calories are not near where they should be for weight loss. So I need to bump up my exercise since I am not going to change our eating habits too much....

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E said...

Me too! I need to exercise more. I should have gone to spin class this morning... but I didn't. :( I need to get on this, January will be here before we know it!!