Sunday, September 23, 2012

Motivation and Gains

I am so not in this weight loss game. 

I wish I was, I wish I could just not think about eating and lose weight but alas I am not 23 years old and not as active as I once was..... Though carrying around a 19lb baby should count for something?!!? :-D

Weight watchers online did not work for me, I am back to counting calories, something that makes sense to me. I am using My.Fitness.Pal on my smartphone and so far so good, though I may have to drop below 1600 calories or start exercising more because I am not losing (in one week).

I was thinking about how I worked really hard at CALERIE and how whenever I work hard at something, it feels really good once it is over or once you see the results of what you worked so hard for. Last week I prepared a talk for my friend's college level class inherited genetic diseases that cause psychological impairments and I worked for 2 days on the talk (it took some time dusting off those power point wheels!) and once it was over I felt SO great, mostly for having accomplished it and and also for preparing a good talk (and not just winging it). 

I wish weight loss was not such a slow process and that food was not so much a part of life enjoyment! Weekdays tend to be easier and I know what I need to do but my motivation is lacking and my attention to myself is almost non-existent. I really do not care as much as I used to about how I look. I am trying to shift that mindset though to health. I want to be a good role model of health and self-value to my daughter so she can be careful and mindful of her health and appearance without being vain. I also want to get sick less, and live a long healthy life for her (not to mention look good in all the upcoming wedding photos!)- so let the calorie counting resume! 

I also want to implement a few realistic goals:

1) Drink 64oz (2 nalgene bottles) of water per day (not including my decaf coffee, and seltzer)- my water intake has dropped drastically since I stopped pumping
2) Go to bed/be in bed at 10pm
3) Stretch/do 10min of core exercises before bed (my diastasis is still not healed and when I went to a bootcamp class last week I pulled my back out making it impossible to work out for the rest of the week. This NEEDS to heal!!)

And with that I leave you with a happy baby photo!

Mom- get your butt in gear!

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MelH said...

this is such a gorgeous photo!