Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 year anniversary diet

And we are back.

At the 5 year anniversary of starting my CR diet I am back to the weight I was when I started and I am motivated to GET.IT.OFF! This is what must be my breaking point. My clothes don't fit, I feel uncomfortable and I am ready to take back my body!

TE and I are doing this in two ways. First is Intermittent Fasting. Nothing crazy, but I am not eating after 9pm and before 11am. 14 hours of no food-- coffee is okay (even with milk), diet sodas (I don't really drink these anyway) are okay, and so is sugarfree gum during the fasted time. This is another way to get at the benefits of CR as well as a good way to cut down on the "feeding" time to help reduce intake.

Next is simply counting calories. I am aiming for 1700. Yesterday was close, 1772 and today is 1829- but my fiber has been low so I think that is why I am feeling hungry. So it is a work in progress- we will see what it looks like after week 1.

I will also start posting some of my recipes. We have been making some cool things lately!

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