Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day One

So it is officially day 2. I survived my first day on a diet! (No drama here...!)

Here is what my day looked like yesterday:

8am: met dietitian for introduction to the kitchen (where I pick up my food 3x/week), my PDA (for recording all my food intake), and for breakfast.

Breakfast: 1c Total Raisin Bran (less than I usually eat, but I love raisin bran so that was good)
1c Skim Milk (also what I normally drink) for both cereal and coffee
1c Coffee (no calories other than milk added)
1 med banana
A pretty typical breakfast for me- but I could not help but feel hungry after it was over.

Snack: (11am in the lecture of the class that I am TAing)
100 cal peanut butter bar (tasty!)
Green Jasmine Tea (first bought for me last Christmas from MomE.)
Again, typical snack. I usually have a granola bar (90-150cal) so when I was still hungry I began to realize my mind is messing with me.

1pm Lunch: Chef Salad (Romaine, green peppers, kidney beans, roasted turkey, shredded carrots)
Light Balsamic dressing
Garlic Bread Roll
Diet Dr. Pepper
Yep, I was still hungry and unsatisfied feeling. I whined a bit to TE who was very supportive and made me laugh at myself about being a drama queen.

It was also at this time that I got my calorie results from one of the 4 weeks I kept track of what I ate during the baseline phase of the study. I ate an average of 1509 kcal/day! Less than my calorie prescription! I remembered though that I chipped my tooth the first day of recording for that week and did not eat much for 3 days...

3pm Snack: Coffee --I was going to drink it black, but I couldn't (drama queen) so I had it with skim milk (they give me 1c every day that I don't have cereal- then I get 2c)
Mandarin Oranges (I even drank the juice!)
1/2 of my 40g of fiber one cereal ("to be eaten like popcorn"). Grrrmmpff. I also had to sit at a meeting while everyone else ate Bertucci's pizza.

8pm Dinner: Roasted Turkey with cranberry sauce
Candied sweet potatoes (everyone knows I hate sweet potatoes- these tasted amazing...)
Creamy applesauce with cinnamon + other half of fiber one cereal
Decaf chai tea
At this point I was full enough to not to growl at TE for eating a yummy looking burrito and SH's amazing chocolate chip cookies.
So while the food is fine (I will be excited for this month to be over) I am hungry enough at all times that everything tastes better than it would normally. I have also noticed that the day seems to go by much slower when I am waiting for my next meal. Maybe I will be more productive with all this extra time... I'll keep you posted :)


Sister E said...

I am with you on the feeling hungry all the time thing. I'm hating WW right now... but that's because it's a SLOW process. I only lost .6 of a pound this week. And I'm not doing a very good job keeping track. Ask P if she'll be my mentor?? :)

Jenn said...

Good job Lizzy! Sitting in a meeting while everyone was eating Bertucci's might be the death of me! But you did it, great job. I'm sure it will get much easier as time passes! Can you try the wheat pasta? It's lower in calories and really good for you, and my friend swears by spinach pasta.