Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Magic Number


I just got my calorie perscription this morning: My body burns 2226 kcal/day (exactly!) so I am going to be eating 1670 kcalories/day for the next two years! Totally reasonable.

That is more than 4 - 400 calorie meals/day!



Anonymous said...

If you don't eat thats about 11 glasses of wine...

Anonymous said...

If it is 3 meals, it may leave 400 calories for a few cookies and milk or a few pieces of mandel bread with hot chocolate.

Let me know what you'd like me to have here, ready, for the weekend before you start. How do you research the calories of items if they are homemade?

It'll be interesting to see if you "break the veggie" fast at the Library this Saturday.

Love you and was touched by the Poppop clam sauce references.

I am very proud of you!
Mom B.

farmall said...

1670 sounds good, I thought perhaps it would be 1200. At least you won't be starving and you will just not have to eat all those wonderful cookies, cakes, pies, bread, pasta, and candy.

I quess no chocolate bunny for you this year. Don't forget Connor's Easter Egg Hunt. I was thinking animal crackers to stuff the eggs with. "No Candy"

When you come home we can make Grandpa's clam sauce--we love it.

Good Luck--Happy Eating!
Love Mom Ewen

aprilJoy said...

You can do it Lizzie!!! However while your in the hill you must eat many of my mom's famous chocolate chip cookies. Looking forward to seeing you!!! love ya aj