Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nice Surprise

Today my laboratory is going out to lunch to say goodbye to a visiting student- and we let him choose the restaurant. He chose Pizzeria Uno. I quietly cringed. Mostly because I am a closed-minded-snob and would never choose to eat at a big chain restaurant, but it was his choice I need to make the best of it. So I went online to see what my options would be for lunch.
I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised at the nutritional information section online! link
It is broken down into multiple different categories: Under 500 calories, High Fiber, Low Sodium... etc., and then again into menu categories.
Now I currently have a little cheat sheet in my pocket with the calorie information all written out for quite a few menu options I would be interested in eating.
My top contenders are:
French Onion Soup (285) with a house salad (120) or a house salad with grilled chicken (260)
Asian Chicken Salad (550)
Mahi Mahi with Mango Salsa (220) and veggie soup (135)
or share a flatbread pizza (405/half with 6g of fiber)

That will teach me to be closed-minded! I will let you know how I enjoy this lunch and what I decide!


Jenn said...

Liz I haven't seen you since July 4th! I miss you so much that I had to go on your blog to feel connected! You have been a busy concert go-er! Keep up the hard work...and to add to your earlier post about foods that keep you happy I would like you to try Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches! They are so good and I think they would qualify in the CR world.
They have about 150 cals and fiber~and best of all they are delicious!
Jenn :)

Rachel said...

How did it go? I think that is actually kind of funny - we went there a few years ago and D had a deep dish pepperoni pizza, and then he checked out the nutrition data on a computer in their entryway and realized that that thing packed something like 3000 calories (I mean, what did he expect, right...?). we haven't been back since!

Hope it was good! It sounds like they've reformed themselves.

And ya know, SOME chain restaurants are good. :)

Liz said...

Ha! Yes the SK ice cream sandwiches are a regular. I should have said anything skinny cow :)

Those deep dish pizzas are the same as they were, but now they have more good choices- I shared the roasted eggplant flatbread and had a veggie soup. It was good!

And yes not all big chains are bad :) just bad when you have so many better non-chains to choose from...