Monday, August 4, 2008

Slacker Confessions

I am a slacker. On all fronts. School, food, life... I have emails I have not answered, work left partially completed, lists keeping me up at night... I could go on- but you get the idea. So what have I been doing with my time if not working, cooking and relaxing?

Going to concerts. Really. I went to 3 concerts, in 4 days, in 3 different (and not all neighboring) states. I am realizing that I need to eat better if I want to do that again...

I maintained my 1670 calorie prescription (mostly) but with the worst possible foods. This has left me feeling really really icky (stomach), my allergies are acting up (nose/eyes), and I generally feel gross. The next month is also going to be difficult (3 weddings), so I am starting to think about how I can make the best of it without going back down the gross food road... Any ideas for healthy road trip/eating on vacation tips?

While I am still here, I am going to have a much better menu, filled with fresh veggies and planned dinners. I am also going to have to work my butt off at my research before classes and teaching starts again!!

Also- I set a new goal for the second six months of my participation in the CALERIE study (can you believe I am almost at 6 months!?). I am going to make one new recipe every week until my 1 year anniversary.

I will publish each new recipe and keep you all posted on my progress!

Slacker Liz, be gone!

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