Monday, July 21, 2008

My Favorite "Diet" Foods

One (of the many) benefit(s) of being a part of this study is the personal attention that I get from the study dietitian. The last time I went through my diet foods with LR, I was eating mostly a low-fat diet with a 50:25:25 ratio of carbs: protein:fat.
To anyone out there wanting to taste what my life is like and try some of my favorite foods, I thought I would do a bit of promoting. Here are some of my favorite foods that help keep me happy on my CR diet: (in no particular order)

1) La Tortilla wraps. link Anywhere from 80-110 calories depending on size and 10-13g of fiber (!!) these are a must! I have been having a difficult time finding them recently but I think I have found one supermarket that usually has a few varieties on hand.

2) Weight Watchers Bagels. 150 calories, 9g fiber. The only thing that could make these better is a variety of flavors. Currently plain bagels are the only option. Also, I am always buying the last bag in the store... These are popular suckers. link

3) Fiber One granola bars. Oh heaven. I eat one a day. Everyday. 140 calories, 9g of fiber and now with two new flavors (Apple and Strawberry chocolate- both yum!) I do not go anywhere without a fiber one bar in my bag. link

4) Greek Yogurt. I usually get the flavored cups from Trader Joe's, but they are a bit more expensive than my typical organic Stonyfield Farms yogurt ($1.20/container vs. $0.89)... But they have way more protein (12-20g) than regular yogurt so it is all good. link

5) Cereal. Breakfast makes me happy and it usually involves cereal. Right now my favorites are Special K Red berries and Cheerios (multi-grain and the strawberry yogurt one). I also always mix them with fiber one cereal and slivered almonds. LR wanted me to try my cereal with walnuts for the omegas, but it is not the same- I do not like walnuts as much as I like almonds. Since the summer fruits abundant- blueberries have also been making a regular appearance with my cereal each morning. link

6) No Pudge Brownies. These brownies are not as good as non-diet brownies, I know. But they get the job done and you can make individual brownies from the mix. Mmm chocolate :) link

7) HungryGIRL OK not a food. But I get a ton of ideas from this website. My recent favorite was their list of 80 calorie snacks.

8) Kashi Blueberry Waffles. My second favorite breakfast. Two waffles (170 cal, 6g fiber), 1.1Tbsp of chunky peanut butter (now all natural!) and apple butter. Mmm. link

9) Seltzer. Usually citrus/lemon-lime flavored. TE and I drink about 2 liters/day. I also order seltzer and lime at bars to help space out my calorie filled alcoholic drinks.

10) Welch's fruit snacks. Gummy junk food, yes. But they are made with fruit juice and have vitamins in them- so not all bad. link

That is it for now. I am sure, now that I am writing this I will remember 10 more foods that I forgot, so I will save them for my next installment!

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