Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Favorite Breakfast

This is what I eat at least 4x a week for breakfast. Not terribly exciting, but I like it :)

Special K Red Berries (1c = 120 cal) *I eat this cereal not only for the taste but because it is one of the lowest calorie cereals for the volume. I need the full cup...

1/4c Fiber One cereal (30c) fiber is good

1Tbsp + 1tsp Slivered Almonds (82cal) protein and fat helps keep me feeling full

3/4c Skim Milk

(Not pictured= coffee with skim milk)

Grand total: 343 calories!

1 comment:

catchthetradewinds said...

love all of the great food pictures!! Looks like you got a great camera!

Don't worry about the other morning - there was a glare and I was totally trying to figure out why someone in the car was waving to me! Then I realized who it was (but by that time you were gone). I hope your meeting went well despite your lateness. :) I have a chronic problem with that...leaving at the same time as something starts.

I'm so impressed with your cooking abilities!!!! (And yes, I meant to put 4 exclamation points.)