Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer Steak

I seem to always post my steak pictures... Well here is another one. It was a warm night here, one day last week, and I wanted a "summery" steak dinner. TE and I broiled 2- 8oz NY Strip steaks and I ate half of one (4oz) with a side of roasted corn salad and gazpacho (both recipes are originally from weight watchers).

Here are the recipes as I made them:

Corn Salad- Serves 2, 115cal/serving

1Tbsp olive oil

2 sliced green onions (white and light green parts)

1c quartered grape tomatoes

1c Trader Joes frozen fire-roasted corn

Salt and Pepper to taste

1Tbsp Balsamic vinegar

Heat oil in pan and cook green onions (3min).

Add frozen corn and cook until it is heated (5min?)

Add tomatoes and cook for ~3min

Once the dish is done cooking remove from heat and add vinegar.

Mix well and let the pan sit for 3-5min

Serve on top of greens.

*Gazpacho- serves 6, 45cal/serving

1 large can of stewed plum tomatoes, chopped (with juice)

1/2 of 1 "English" (seedless) cucumber chopped with skin
1 Green Bell Pepper, chopped
4 Scallions (green part) sliced

Basil, torn (1/2 of a storebought package)

2c Vegetable juice

1 jalapeno seeded and minced
3 gloves of garlic

juice of 1 lime

2Tbsp red-wine vinegar

Mince/puree jalapeno with lime juice, garlic, and vinegar.
Add the puree to the other ingredients and marinate overnight in the fridge.
Serve cold with a garnish of lime.

*This has not been totally successful yet. The basil overpowered the soup and TE thought it tasted like salsa. I will be adding more vegetable juice and cucumber to the soup and pureeing the entire thing. I will be sure to update with the verdict.

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Anonymous said...

Please keep on talking about your diet- I personally like it- it keeps me focused on what I should be eating. If anything you're a great role model for the rest of us:)