Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Comeback Plan

In an effort to get back on track I reread some of the hand-outs I got from my counseling sessions. One of them was about lapses and relapses. They recommended a strategy for getting back on track to CR and I will outline it here:

1) Remind yourself of the reason you joined the study.
Lucky for me I saved everything and I have my top 3 reasons I joined the study from my first meeting: diet motivation, to become healthier and more aware of my dietary needs, and to help science.

2) Review your progress thus far.
I have lost 20+lbs, learned a ton about healthy eating choices, met some amazing people and found a new passion for my research life beyond my PhD.

3) Renew your commitment.
CR is the only diet that has been shown to increase health and longevity. And I now know how easily I can incorporate CR into a "normal" lifestyle- which means I know what I need to do to eat a restricted diet.

4) Use PDA daily.

5) Weigh and measure all foods.

6) Decrease calories for a few days to make up for the extra calories you ate.
Hmmm. I should do that. Today?

7) Set realistic and achievable goals.
I will plan at least 3 dinners/week, I will limit alcohol, and carry more healthy snacks with me.

8) Planning out what you will eat at your next meal and the following day.
Yes. This is important

9) Use prepackaged foods (frozen meals or meal replacements).
Amy's burrito for lunch anyone?!

10) Call your counselor or a friend for a pep talk to help you activate your plan to feel optimistic about your success.
Calling all friends!! :) Send your words of encouragement.


Rachel said...

I, for one, am very impressed at what you've accomplished - not only in adhering to the diet, but also in becoming more involved in the field in a relatively short period of time. Plus, you've inspired me as to the possibilities of cooking...which I am still working on. :) You can do it!

Melanie said...

Maybe it's our faults that you're slipping. At first the diet was super novel- so everyone was on board- now we just assume that you can do it because you've been doing it for so long.
I say that we all need to be a little bit more supportive- especially during these holiday months to keep Liz on track!