Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wow! Who Knew!?

So in all my efforts to be good at my CR, I mindlessly ate 4 doughnut holes that one of my co-workers brought in today. That is not the good part :)
Afterward I checked online for the calorie information (that is the good CR part), and get this: 4 chocolate cake doughnut holes have.... 300 (!!!) calories! Four! 300!
I am having a hard time getting over this. :)
That totally blew my day out of the water. Luckily this splurge was before I ate lunch and I still have vegetable soup on hand...
Well- lesson learned.
That will not happen again.
It is amazing now I that I know how many calories are in one of those buggers, they seem so much less appetizing...


Rachel said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I think the jelly ones are lower in calories - that is very sad. Did they taste good?

The word verification is herhoma. Doesn't that sound like a really scary tumor? (That was a random aside to make you laugh while you eat your soup!)

Kate said...

Just want to point out that an Entenmann's chocolate covered donut is also 300 cals and much better

Liz said...

Yes jelly and regular glazed donuts are better, calorie wise, and Entenmann's taste so much better :)

Crazy calorie dense foods!