Friday, January 23, 2009

Mystery Foods

I know... Again I have fallen out of the blogging habit. I have been a bit hectic with the start of the school semester and getting some research groundwork finished before I start teaching- but I have been cooking! So in an effort to help motivate me to write, and maybe to get you all to start demanding more posts, I will post pictures of the upcoming foods- and you all can get a feeling for what is to come :)


Rachel said...

So what are each of these things? Tell us!

I have to say, I am a little nauseated by pictures of food these days, but I am still interested for future reference...this can't last forever, right?

Marjie said...

That food is beautiful.
I have been on cr for 17 months and loving it.
Are you tracking nutrients too?

Liz said...

Hi Marjie!
I am not really tracking (also not doing ON)-- the dietitians on the study are keeping track that I am eating well enough, I think I am due for another meeting where we look over my nutrients and try to spot some trouble nutrients (I think I was a bit low on calcium last time). I am glad to hear that you are doing well with CR! It is really easier than people think :) Thanks for reading!

Hey Rachel! Yeah maybe only another 6 weeks ;)