Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eating After The Holidays

While I am working on my New Year's feast post, I thought I would blog about how I am getting back into my proper eating habits in the new year. Let me know what you think about these steps, what you recommend, and/or what you are doing to shed that extra holiday weight gained this season.

1) Fiber. Fiber. Fiber.
I am aiming for 35+ grams a day. This is the only way my stretched out stomach, used to eating too much bad-for-you-food, will feel full on 1670 calories... I do this by eating lots of bran cereals, weight watchers bread products, and Trader Joes FiberFull fruit leathers.

2) Vegetable soup/Salad eaten before lunch and dinner.
I made a big pot of vegetable soup (made from any and all vegetable products in my apartment, soup broths, and additional frozen/canned soups to bulk it up- TE's worst nightmare :)) so that I can eat it before my meals or as a hearty-low calorie snack.

3) Standard/Typical Meals for breakfast and lunch.
Breakfast will switch between my favorite cereal breakfast and Kashi waffles with peanut butter and apple butter. Lunch is either soup and a turkey sandwich on high fiber bread, or like today- leftovers from dinner last night.

4) Less processed foods. More fresh fruit and vegetables.
I got a bit sick over break with the cold/viral bug that was going around. I was not as bad as TE (maybe thanks to CR?) but I bought a ton of oranges and grapefruit regardless. I am still eating 1/day to keep my immune system happy. I also bought groceries with a cooking plan so that always helps motivate me to cook at night. Nothing like expensive food in your fridge staring at you each night as you contemplate another lazy night of cereal/packaged meals :)

That is about it. Any one else have additional ideas?


Anonymous said...

Incorporate excerise into the commute.

Jenn said...

I'm trying to do soup lunches for a few weeks to catch up with the holiday overeating. I love soup and it really fills me up, but funny enough I happen to be eating a bowl of delicous vegetable soup (made from scratch by Carl's dad) AND 1/2 a sandwich!
I'm about to make a white chicken chilli that is delicous to the point it tastes bad for you, but by chance it is low fat. Once I get the exact mesurements of the ingredients I will share it with you.

Here is a nutrition question I have been meaning to ask; How much sodium is in a fast food package of salt? (You know the size they give you with french fries).

PugSuperStar said...

Where does hydration fit into CR? Can an extra glass of water at each meal help the hunger cravings?

Rachel said...

Hmmm...eat blueberries. :) Just kidding. I am trying a lot of these things, too, but not because I am trying to lose weight - just attempting to not rely on cheese as my primary meal ingredient. Soup before dinner sounds good though!

Liz said...

Wow! Love all the commenting!
Jenn, the fast food packets are 1tsp of salt and has 2325mg of sodium (I did not know, I looked it up!). I will be excited to see how your chicken chili turns out, I have been procrastinating on a Cook's Illustrated light recipe for a while because it is involved, but I would love to try something like it.
PugSuperStar- Hi! Welcome! I *try* to drink as much as possible, but I have found for me that it does not really curb my hunger. Usually at the end of the day if I am out of calories I will make a cup of tea, which helps a bit. It usually just helps that I can go to bed :) Maybe if I actively try to drink more it may help. Thanks for the suggestion.
Rachel- I saw cherries were on special this week at trader joes, I did not see blueberries. Blueberries are one of my truly favorite fruits. High iron too (right?).

Jenn said...

Holy Jeepers Creepers that is a lot of salt!!! Not that I use one of those every day, but I can say every single time I have ever had fast food fries I have used 1 packet of salt!

Bravemom said...

What's on the menu for this week? Get a few chicken breasts and throw them in a crock pot (coat with oil and garlic) then pour in Prego Light. Let it cook. Serve over veggies or light pasta, like Dreamfields- low carb. Stay warm and safe.
Thinking of you!