Monday, February 23, 2009

One Year

I am approaching the month-long physical for my 1yr anniversary of being enrolled in the CALERIE study. We remember how my 6mo physical went (they said I was eating 400cals over my prescription) so I am going to try to be SUPER adherent this month.
I have been a bit burned out recently and I have not wanted to think about food- at all... That is not good when you need to record everything all the time. I will be attempting to blog more in an effort to motivate additional recording and strict calorie counting.
I have still been cooking and making new recipes and I am trying to put together a binder of my favorite go-to recipes for easy dinner prep... but even that seems like more than I want to do right now... I will post a few new recipes soon.
I have been mostly focusing on my own research and teaching. This semester has been a lot of work so far- and my to do list gets longer and longer each week- which makes graduation seem further and further away.
But I am keeping things going one day at a time and I don't feel overly stressed out- I am just not getting to do everything that may want to... Something that made the cut recently-- the Academy Awards- after a full day of working (on a Sunday!) I set up camp on my couch and watched everything from the red carpet up through the best movie of the year award! Prioritization at it's best :)

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