Friday, June 10, 2011

Weight Gain

I have a very good excuse though...

I am growing a "little bug*" inside me! (*The in utero name is still undecided- I hope this is no indication of how real name picking is going to go... but I do believe it will not be easy!)

The weight gain is not that bad- ~3lbs gained for almost 15 weeks!

So yes, around December 3rd-- TE, the King Pup and I will welcome this new addition to our family!
And since this is a food blog I will tell all my readers about my food adventures as I continue to grow :)

In the first trimester, I felt good during the day -- but come night time (starting between 4-7) I felt as if I had come down with the flu. Every night. And if that was not bad enough, I could not eat enough to not wake up at 2 or 3am starving!! It took one email to dietitian extraordinaire LR, and a few late night experiments to realize nothing was going to help, just time, and getting out of the first trimester! Now I eat well, sleep even better (for the most part) and am ready for the growth phase!!

My clothes are already a bit too tight. I eat a lot of cheese and fruit. I can not (do not want to) eat coffee, onions or garlic. And I drink more water than I thought was possible. Excessive thirst was my first pregnancy "sign." Other than that things are pretty "boring" over here.

More updates to come!! I hope you are all still out there :)


Wifey said...

Yay Liz!!!! Let's hear it for becoming Mom's in 2011!

rachel said...

Haha - I remember those 2 am wakeups. That's when I ran into the mouse!

Congratulations, Liz!! Can't wait to hear more!

Erica said...

Love the little bug already! :) Glad you are feeling well and can't wait to see the bump!

meg said...

i knew it!!! sarah & i were on to you at kate's shower. CONGRATS!!!!! so happy for you & TE!! let me know if u need any clothes, advice, etc. enjoy the ride!! xo megs

BraveMom said...

My future grandchild is NOT a bug. Love y'all.