Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday 12.14.09

Usually my weekdays are pretty straightforward... recently it has been not so.

TE has been working at one place in the early morning and he goes to the office in the afternoon/evening-- I get to ride in with him (which is great) but because of that we have been rushing around more than is typical in the mornings and yesterday we did not have time for breakfast/lunch prep...

Monday- 1733 calories (+63)

Breakfast- 540 calories
Ordered at our favorite local coffee shop/bakery
1 medium coffee
2T whole milk (no skim options) - 20c
1 ham, egg and cheese croissant - estimated 450c
1 Russian tea cookie (oh my, I am glad I am too intimidated to make these- that would be dangerous given how much I love them)- 70c

Snack- 80 calories
Green chai tea
Christmas cookie (sugar type with rainbow sprinkles) - 80c

Lunch- 485 calories
1c Special K Red berries cereal- 120c
1/4c Fiber one cereal- 30c
0.5oz slivered almonds- 85c
1c Skim milk - 90c
Kashi crackers- 65c
1 blood orange- 45c
1/2 apple- 50c

Snacks- 390 calories
1 Fiber one granola bar, chocolate- 150c
1 dark snickers bar- 240c (I know!!! Where did this come from? I was food shopping and was starving- I needed something to keep my spending in check- it was this or a 280 calorie bag of chips... it did fill me up and I will say that I do not need to eat another one for a long time.... good choice I think)

Dinner- 238c
Fiber one English muffin- 100c
2tsp whipped cream cheese- 30c
1T whitefish salad- 50c
1/2c sliced cucumbers- 8c

Batter from the beaters of the Pear Upside Down cake I made for TE's work bake off- 50c ?! that should not even count :) but I know, I know....

This cake is sooo not CR, but it looked goooood! Photo coming soon- be sure to check back :)
Mel made it too- she inspired me!

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Melanie said...

Yay! I'm so happy you made the pear upside down cake- didn't it look beautiful? The cake itself is a wonderful batter! Did you win?