Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Edition

Saturday- 1723 calories (+53)

Breakfast- 508 calories
1/2 piece of toast- 50c
1tsp Brummel and Brown yogurt butter- 25c
1/2c tomato sauce- 70c
2 eggs, poached- 160c
5oz spinach, steamed- 33c
1/2T olive oil- 50c
Pumpkin oatmeal cookie- 90c
2c Coffee
1/3c Skim milk- 30c

Snack/lunch - 290 calories
Pumpkin oatmeal cookie- 90c
Grilled cheese:
1 piece of oat bran bread- 100c
1 slice reduced fat pepper jack cheese- 50c
2tsp Brummel and Brown- 50c

Party Food-255 calories
6oz Wine- 150c
Date with bacon- 100c
Cracker- 5c

Dinner- 670 calories
1/2 Cuban panini- ~420c
French fries (again!?)- 250c

Sunday- 2046 calories (+376)

Breakfast- 436 calories
Multigrain oatmeal (1/2c dry)- 140c
1/4 of a medium apple- 25c
2T dried cranberries- 70c
1T Maple syrup- 100c
1T skim milk- 11
2c Coffee
1/3c skim milk- 30
0.5oz Chopped pecans- 100

Lunch- 705 calories

Post run meal-- it took us 1.5hrs to make it out of the small town where we ran a 5k -- the roads were not used to accommodating 5000 extra people (plus spectators!) so it took a while and we were huuuungry- not a good factor for planning meals- I did feel though that this choice was a better one over the Ruben I was eying :)

Everything bagel- 300c
3T scallion cream cheese- 135c
1T smoked whitefish salad ~50
2 slices tomato- 5c
1 slice onion
1/2 bag sour cream and cheddar ruffles- 150c
1 Lindt chocolate- 70c

Party food/Dinner*- 915 calories
12oz Wine- 305c
3 Pinwheels ~50c each
3 Artichoke phyllo cups (total guess) ~100c each-- I will be getting this recipe for you readers from Heidi, they were amazing :) I had to stop myself at 3!
1 chocolate truffle- 70c
3 small Sugar cookies- ~90c

*It is amazing how quickly party food calories add up- I felt I was really restraining myself from eating more- but with alcohol the calories quickly go up.

So much for reigning it in this weekend... At least it was fun!


rachel said...

One little Lindt chocolate has 70 calories, huh?!? Yikes. They are so delicious, though.

I think you did a good job this weekend! (I know my opinion is worth nothing here :) - plus, you ran a 5K. I know it doesn't technically work into the equation but surely there were some calories burned there to help...

Anonymous said...

I especially liked the Sunday lunch. Something about getting back to your food / heritage roots. Did you hollow out the bread as I often do? Every little bit helps. At least you are being honest here and trying to calculate the actual calories consumed. I am very proud of you!