Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday 12.10.09

So there was this one time (at band camp), dietitian LR and I were sitting and discussing how my habits had changed since entering the study and things/meals I did not eat anymore. I don't remember all of my answers (a good idea for another post)- but I do remember listing two things I missed:

1) cake (I have since remedied my portion control when it comes to cake) and
2) drinking wine and snacking (cheese and crackers?) instead of dinner

LR thought that cake was easier to incorporate into a healthy diet (and I agree) and was not too enthusiastic about the wine as dinner option (understandably). So for today's edition of yesterday's foods, LR you may want to look away... No, I am not proud. But in the effort of keeping this blog real and honest- this is what I ate...

Thursday - 1460 calories

Breakfast: 50 calories
Coffee- 2c Skim milk 1/2c
*Not typical, I usually eat breakfast..

Lunch- 420calories
2 Slices oatbran bread - 200c
1T peanut butter- 100c
1T reduced sugar blueberry jelly- 50c
1/2 oz Wheat thins- 70c

Dinner- 990 calories (!!)
Red wine- a bit more than half of a bottle (!!) estimated 500mL- 430c
Cheese: 330 calories
~1oz Havarti
~1oz Cheddar
~1oz Brie
Crackers, about 5- 70 calories
Sliced French bread- ~2oz- 160c
Chicken sausage- 100calories


rachel said...

But that's still within your prescribed calories, isn't it?

Yummm...cheese and crackers. Not so enthused about the coffee-for-breakfast, though. :)

Melanie said...

cheese and crackers- the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner! looking at what you ate though makes me hungry- it's amazing how much red wine steals those calories!!