Monday, February 1, 2010

Big Month

February is upon us.

I am no longer counting the days left in the study- because I am no longer thinking of the study as being over-- it will continue as I continue keeping my CR dietary habits alive :)

Everything has been going well- I was inspired by the CALERIE party, met new participants, lost most of the weight gained over the holiday season, and generally feel better about things. Maybe it is the running, or the yoga, or not traveling... I am not questioning it.

I am very thankful that all my family and friends have been very supportive throughout this process. School is crazy and I need all the support I can get at this time.

In other good news, the weekend that the study is over TE and I are going on a winter wonderland trip! We are going to a state that I have never been to before, staying in a spa, snowboarding, and getting massages!! There is some academic purpose to this trip, but for now I am not thinking about it-- only the fun! :)

I am also planning a shopping trip for my CALERIE body wardrobe (to keep me this same size!) for March.

Two things to keep me thinking positively and giving me extra motivation to maintain my weight/CR diet long term and my outlook through the next few weeks.


Melanie said...

Count me in for the shopping- now that's something to strive for!

rachel said...

Woo hoo! Shopping!! Shopping is fun. I'm interested to know what state you're heading to - it sounds like fun.