Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday so far....

I had my first day of testing today. I recorded a play-by-play for those of you curious as to how I spend my time at the study center or just want to know what kind of rigorous testing I go through ;) You can find my food buried in the details!

7:20am- Arrive at study center
7:30- First urine sample: pregnancy test, other unknown tests. Change into scrubs. Realize I forgot my laptop power cord.. live blogging is going to have to be done the old fashioned way-- with a paper and pen. Nurses get my weight.
7:45- Blood work, back to room
7:55- Second urine sample
8:06am- Drink dose of labeled water (this is how they measure exactly how many calories I am eating over a one week period). Waist circumference measurements done. Go over my daily diary (I record any illnesses/drugs taken). Read some of my book.
9am- tune into Ellen show. I have actually never watched it before!
9:20- get picked up to go across the street for a DEXA scan (bone density)
9:45- return to room, catch the tail end of Ellen (Emily Blunt was on!)
10:15- start counting minutes to snack time.... (11:06)
11:06am- SNACK time! At this point I am starving- I stopped eating last night at 6:30pm. The Nature Valley Granola bars and OJ never tasted so good!! (293c)
11:15- go upstairs for strength tests
12:15- Finished with strength tests, started to fill out questionnaires- but got taken to get an EKG, blood pressure, physical, and visual computer tests.
1:26- Finished questionnaires. Begin the final countdown to lunch time!
2:06- final urine, then LUNCH!

Lunch Feeding Frenzy-800 calories (ugh!)
2 slices wheat bread
3oz roasted turkey
1T fat free mayo
1tsp mustard
2 slices tomato
1 leaf of iceberg lettuce
1c diet ginger ale
(saved the apple and bran cookie for later)

Left the center and picked up a coffee on my way into work...
Coffee- 40c
....lemon loaf.. (eeekkk) 350c (!!)

Leaving about 500 calories for dinner.... TE wants to check out a new middle eastern place in the neighborhood, so I am going to look up some options on Calorie King!

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