Monday, February 22, 2010

Live Blogging Overnight

Wow. My last stay at the study center. 2 years! Where did the time go?!
Well today was a crazy day (it always is crazy the day I go in for my overnights) but I did manage to get in for my morning visit before 11 (my baseline and 1yr visit was at 11am, not 8:45 like it was today)!

So here is the run-down of my day so far (I know, maybe even more boring than my daily food records):

8:45- arrive at study center, drop off overnight bag and books. Blood draw (fasting). Temperature, blood pressure, pregnancy test.
10:05- Skin allergy test plant
10:30- Breakfast: my favorite- English muffin, peanut butter, apple, coffee, non-dairy creamer
11:30- Arrive at work -- proceed to frantically run though way too many experiments in a very short amount of time. I will, after blogging, look to see how one of them worked out. Given my mental state, I am not too sure about the success of anything I did today...
4:35- RUN out of the building with hopes of going to the post office. Arrive at the post office and notice the line is about 12 people deep (what is it Christmas?!). Forgo the post office and go to the subway.
5:15- arrive back at the study center, drop off bag (yes another bag) and coat, and head down to dinner.
5:45- Take my core body temperature pill (it is about the size of a multi-vitamin and is currently reading 36.84 degrees) The researchers will measure my core body temperature for at least 24 hours. Start unpacking.

Here is where things may get a bit more interesting... Here is the inventory of what I brought to keep me entertained in my time here (keep in mind I have a poster to make, plenty of work to do, and I will be discharged on Wednesday morning-ish). I began to amaze myself as I was unpacking it all...

Liz's Delusional Vision of the Number of Hours in an Overnight Stay

According to Greta (Netflix)
A Mighty Heart (N)
Atonement (N)
Absolutely Fabulous Season 1 (so good!)
Charlie Wilson's War
All of netflix/hulu/tv streaming...

Middlesex (I am halfway through)
The Kite Runner (I know, I know... I have not read it yet- I will!)
Ask For It (a negotiation book for women)
Ashtanga Yoga- The Practice Manual

2 issues of The Week
2 issues of Paste

And then there is my work!! Which I am about to start now. More later!! Stay tuned...

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rachel said...

Oh, I love, love, love, love Juno. And it is completely not PC for me to say I love Juno. I should probably not comment about Juno, because it is not cool to say one loves Juno, and if you want more information about that, I am happy to provide it for your copious amounts of free time. But I do love that movie - it is so hilarious and snarky and sharp-witted.

Have been meaning to read the Kite Runner for oh, say, over a year.

Good luck!!