Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So in my first week doing weight watchers, I gained 0.5lbs. I feel kinda bad about it, and kinda not. I know I "overgained" with my pregnancy but when I see how perfect the Little Miss is, it is hard to feel negatively about my body. I mean, it made this little, happy human- who I love more than I thought was possible-- how can I have any negative thoughts about my body image?! But I know come wedding and bathing suit season, I will feel much better back at my "fighting" weight. So I persevere! One minor setback/slow start will not stop me!

Thanks Mel for the photo! And for the onesie (it says "nice genes!")
And to help motivate me to want to lose weight even more -- I have added in a bonus for myself. Once I hit the 10lb weight loss point I will buy myself a pair of these snazzy crops. I love lulu. It can motivate me to do anything-- and the best part is that they are calorie free!!

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Anonymous said...

i like the idea of motivating with shopping instead of food, for some reason i always say "if i lose xx lbs i can eat xx" probably not the smartest.