Friday, April 13, 2012

Weight Watchers

Diet starts today!! I am doing the diet with my dear friend KBW- I need the accountability! Also my coworker is going to recount the meeting topics to me after she attends the meeting each week! I like all this support I am getting :)

Reading through their method of how they calculate points- I am not sure I am in complete agreement (since I did spend 2yrs just counting calories) with their logic- they explain that a 270 calorie croissant is higher in points than an egg/ham breakfast plate of equal calories since it takes your body more work to break down the proteins in the egg/ham (is that not how a calorie is counted the scientist in me wants to know?!?!?! Foods of equivalent calories should expend the same energy to be broken down...?). But alas, I am putting my diet into their hands, for the next 4 months.

My goal is to lose 10-15lbs- here we go!!!

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rachel said...

I tried leaving you a comment from my phone, but it wouldn't let me :)

M's GI doctor has the same weird calorie measuring methods. 200 calories of French fries deep-fried in oil is "better" (from a weight-gain perspective, so "worse" for you) than 200 calories of banana. I would love to know the science behind this, as I eat meal after meal of greasy food...

Good luck with the diet! FWIW, I found that the weight (residual 5# or whatever that just would not leave) magically went away around 10 months. That coincided with a move, but also with the higher-calorie diet, so maybe the adage 9 months on, 9 months off, is really accurate? :)