Thursday, March 6, 2008

Low Glycemic- Day 1

So I have officially been dieting for 9 days now.

At my weigh-in this morning I discovered I have lost a total of 3.7lbs.
I think most of that is weight gained from my binge eating for the week leading up to the diet :)

But now for the exciting part: my new food menu!

This one is going to be interesting... a little less like my "typical" diet.

Breakfast: Muesli cereal with milk (I am now supposed to drink 4c/day!)

Snack: Muesli yogurt (my beloved peanut butter bar is replaced with this... sad)

Lunch: Turkey sandwich on pumpernickel, tomato and bean salad, and dried apricots (OK!)

Dinner: Salisbury steak
*I have been a fish eating vegetarian for 7yrs and the one thing I have never missed is steak... burgers, bacon, and other "bad" meats yes, but never steak!
We will see how it is, I survived -and even liked- the meatloaf from the lowfat menu...
Spiced Lentils (hmmmf...)
Zucchini (another we will have to see...)

Everyone wants to know how I am doing on the diet- outside of the hunger and restricted foods. I am doing well enough because I have pretty much removed the social temptation for now.
This past weekend TE and friends wanted to go out to dinner and a movie- I opted to meet everyone at the movie theater. It felt a bit antisocial and awkward, having missed about 2 hours of catch up and other conversations. Not to mention I had to keep a close eye on my hands to keep them from unconsciously grabbing some popcorn out of TE's bag :)

The next night was better. Our friends wanted to have us over for dinner and they made what I was eating! S & T made meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans. TE and I brought baked apples for dessert. The apples were halved, cored and soaked with orange juice. The non-dieters got theirs topped of with pecans, chopped dried cherries and cranberries, brown sugar and cinnamon. My apple was topped with splenda and cinnamon with my crumbled graham crackers and fiber-one cereal!

I realize that this half-social behavior is not sustainable for having my life while being on a diet, but I think until I get off the packaged foods, it is what I need to do. We will see how I handle next week's St. Patrick's day celebrations (TE and I have been invited to 2 parties...). Alcohol is completely off limits this month- so I will be bringing my flavored seltzer to the parties!

Another funny thing that has happened since the diet has started is that my anxiety dreams have manifested themselves as food dreams: I dream that I am eating something off limits (pizza, cookies, or choco-tacos?!) when I remember I am on a diet, which then leads to a dream state-freak out, so I wake up and have to tell myself that I have actually not eaten these things!

Other than that things are pretty good. TE has been cooking some near gourmet meals for himself- and is keeping a good record of the ingredients/amounts so when I start eating with him again we can keep my calories on track! My PDA prowess is increasing (only one minor technology setback- which was nothing my tech savvy brother couldn't handle) and I am really enjoying looking at the calorie content of foods at fast food restaurants stored on it :). I am on my way to incorporating my life with my diet!

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RB said...

OK, I am not usually incompetent at commenting but my last comment seemed to disappear.

You crack me up! I'm really impressed with your tenacity on this diet - I will probably say that a lot more in the future.

Can I stick your thing on my blog? I don't even understand the etiquette of blog rolls. Someday, someday...

See you later - rachel